Jake Paul

Jake Paul Facing Backlash for Rapping the N-Word

Who could have seen this one coming? Earlier this week, the non-YouTuber-watching segment of the internet discovered vlogger Logan Paul, who's wildly popular with tween-age boys…
Anna Gaca / January 5, 2018

Jake Paul Blows Up, Scaramucci Goes Down, Miley Gets Boring: Spin’s Year in Suck 2017

2017 was a bad year by any measure--so bad, in fact, that its badness often felt like unavoidable but unremarkable background noise, the elevator music we all…
SPIN Staff / December 21, 2017


Jake Paul is a 20-year-old YouTube personality and rapper who's managed to get two abysmal singles into the Hot 100. He's manic, armed with catchphrases,…
Brian Josephs / October 9, 2017