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Big Sean Raps About Deleting Uber and Murdering Donald Trump in Hot 97 Freestyle

Big Sean’s I Decided. press run took him to a freestyle session on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show, and a clip of the rapper’s freestyle was posted online last night. Big Sean used his verses to shoot punchlines from the hip—as you’ll hear, some land, some don’t. (“Young hero in my city / Teen Titan,” is an odd thing for 28-year-old to rap, for example.) But we’re gathered here because of the more politically-aimed bars below.

Sean sends some shots at Uber and shouts out Lyft with a rimshot punchline at the 37-second mark. Of course, the former’s CEO was part of Donald Trump’s economic advisory group, while the latter pledged to donate $1 million to the ACLU.

“I canceled my Uber, it’s time to Lyft the burden”

At the 1:42 mark, he name drops the president in a line that will certainly land him in Secret Service’s crosshairs, especially if YG’s hassles with “FDT” was any indicator.

“I might just kill ISIS with the same icepick / That I murder Donald Trump in the same night with”

Watch the video below.