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Miguel Says He ‘Makes Better Music’ Than Frank Ocean, TBH

Update: Miguel responded to the backlash from his comments in a tweet last night. That’s below.

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Miguel’s new R&B wonderland WILDHEART may bring to mind a host of the watery crooners that have surfaced in the time since Kaleidoscope Dream, but you may want to steer clear from comparing him to one of the genre’s other contemporary paragons. In an interview with The Sunday Times, via NME, the current SPIN cover star offered a few comments about Frank Ocean, none of which were particularly flattering.

“I wouldn’t say we were friends,” he said of Ocean. “To be completely honest — and no disrespect to anyone — I genuinely believe that I make better music, all the way around.”

There’s no response yet from Ocean, but he’ll presumably have his say later this month, if his channel ORANGE follow-up surfaces as planned.