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Arca Banned From Instagram For ‘Vanity’ Single Artwork

Arca, Sheep (Hood By Air FW15), new album

Update: Arca’s account has been reinstated on Instagram. Here’s his first post after getting back on the service:

Venezuelan producer Arca — who you may know from his work with Björk, Kanye, or his own labyrinthine compositions — released a harrowing new single called “Vanity” early this morning. But as compelling as its seared synth programming is, the track has still landed him in some hot water with Instagram. According to his Facebook, he’s been banned from the service thanks to longtime collaborator Jesse Kanda’s artwork.

Given that Rihanna has run into trouble with Instagram over a nipple or two, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that they’d have trouble with digital vulva. As Arca himself maligned on Twitter, “This is the world we live in.” You can stream the track below, alongside the apparently offensive art.

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