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Rihanna’s Instagram Has Vanished

Rihanna Instagram Deleted

UPDATE: As mysteriously as Rihanna’s Instagram account vanished, it has now returned.

Rihanna’s Instagram account has disappeared, following threats of deletion from the Facebook-owned social network. RiRi has been an active user of the service for some time now, but last week she’d posted a series of partially clothed photos from a cover shoot with the French magazine Lui. According to TMZ, Instagram told her to remove the photos or they’d remove her account. 

Rihanna moved the photos over to her Twitter, but her account has vanished nevertheless. Whether that’s the work of the puritanical head honchos at Instagram, a frustrated deletion by Rihanna herself, or something else altogether isn’t yet clear. But Rihanna has been such a constant presence on the social network that seeing a “page not found” message will surely be jarring to her large and dedicated fan base.

For now if you want to see Rihanna, you’ll have to settle for the rest of her Internet presence, or just hit one of her shows with Eminem this summer.