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See Young Thug’s Hallucinatory, Surreal ‘Stoner’ Video

Young Thug Stoner Video

Though he’s recently hit a spate of legal troubles and his Gucci Mane collab Young Thugga Mane La Flare didn’t fully showcase his trademark saccharine surreality, Young Thug’s 2013 output was a triumph of “weirdo warbling” and “hysterically spontaneous jibber-jabber,” in the midst of a sometimes straight-laced radio rap landscape. “Stoner” was a standout in the midst of a productive year, and now Young Thug’s finally released an appropriately blunted and hallucinatory official video (via WorldStarHipHop) for the yelpy radio oddity.

Migos, Birdman, and D4L’s Fabo (who’s shouted out on the chorus) all appear in the clip, but a series of campy special effects and the general hyperreality are the real stars. Young Thug writhes around in a dark room in a in front of a Willie Nelson poster and celebrates the weirdness and surreality around him. It’s absurd in the tradition of David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky, if either one of them was more into rap and funny hats.