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Watch Morrissey Go Spoken Word Again for ‘The Bullfighter Dies’

Morrissey, "The Bullfighter Dies," video

Cosmopolitan. Macho. Emblematic of the human capacity for cruelty toward animals. It’s surprising that bullfighting hasn’t already been the subject of a Morrissey song. “Brief but stirring,” SPIN’s Barry Walters called the live debut of “The Bullfighter Dies” at the former Smiths singer’s tour kickoff this month in San Jose, California (watch video here). Now Moz has shared a  Natalie Johns-directed spoken-word video for the song, much as he did for the inequality-skewering title track from his July 15 album World Peace Is None of Your Business. Rather than a somber elegy for a graying matador, it’s an impassioned, worldplay-filled observation that “we all want the bull to survive.” Watch it above, and check out the Smiths’ “The Death of a Disco Dancer” below. That Morrissey Twitter account? Despite being “verified” years ago and having posted later-deleted promotional tweets ending in 2009, the briefly reactivated medium must’ve been as “bogus” as the singer declared, because the whole thing is now gone.