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Watch Morrissey Debut Three New Songs Before Show-End Stage Rush

Morrissey, 'World Peace Is None of Your Business,' new songs, video

Morrissey launched his new U.S. tour last night (SPIN was there) and he didn’t cancel it once. Returning to the stage in San Jose, California after a problem-plagued 2012-2013 run, Steven Patrick Morrissey debuted three new songs off of his upcoming album, World Peace Is None of Your Business, which he described to the crowd as “the follow-up to Viva Hate.” That, of course, was a cheeky reference to the former Smiths singer’s 1988 solo debut — his most recent album was 2009’s Years of Refusal

By all accounts, this particular Morrissey show was very Morrissey. Longtime supporting act Kristeen Young, who’s just releasing her Dave Grohl-assisted album The Knife Shift, was the opener. And the ritual of adoring Moz fans rushing onstage went amok, with chaos that led to the show to end abruptly in mid-song. Below, watch fan footage of the new album’s acerbically inequality-themed title track, Smiths-dappled Spain vignette “The Bullfighter Dies,” and “Earth Is the Loneliest Planet,” which ironically actually sounds Spanish and includes the grim bon mot that “humans are not really very humane.” Also scroll down to see the show-ending pile-up and the setlist.

 “World Peace Is None of Your Business”


“Yes, I Am Blind” and “The Bullfighter Dies”


“Earth Is the Loneliest Planet”


“One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell” stage-rush



1. “Hand in Glove”
2. “That’s How People Grow Up”
3. “Ganglord”
4. “Speedway”
5. “I Have Forgiven Jesus”
6. “World Peace Is None Of Your Business”
7. “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris”
8. “Yes, I Am Blind”
9. “The Bullfighter Dies”
10. “Life Is a Pigsty”
11. “Everyday Is Like Sunday”
12. “Earth Is the Loneliest Planet”
13. “Trouble Loves Me”
14. “Meat Is Murder”
15. “First of the Gang to Die”
16. “The Youngest Was the Most Loved”
17. “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday”
18. “The National Front Disco”
19. “Asleep”
20. “One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell”