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See Classic Band Names Turned Into Posters, Pictionary Puzzles

Classic Band Names Poster Led Zeppelin Radiohead.jpg

The Madrid-based graphic design firm Tata&Friends recognizes that most band names are pretty dumb. Even your favorite band’s name, if you step back and think about it, might lie somewhere between laughably sophomoric and willfully obtuse. 

So for a recent project, called Rock Band Icons, the firm poked a little fun at the concept, representing a diverse group of bands on minimalist posters that resemble something like an elementary Rebus puzzle or the scratchings of a Pictionary game. Irreverance for the classics is always a good artistic look, so some infamous band names are under fire here (see: Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam), but even recent indie icons like The Knife and Iron & Wine don’t escape unscathed. 

The whole set of posters supposedly goes on sale soon, so head over to Tata&Friends’ website where you can see them all, and check out a few of our favorites below. 

 Led Zeppelin Poster

Flaming Lips Poster

Smashing Pumpkins poster

Television poster

Pearl Jam poster

The Knife Poster 

Radiohead Poster