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Watch Phantogram’s Sexy Light Show in ‘Fall in Love’ Video

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For the past two months, Phantogram have diligently teased their long-awaited second album with a steady stream of tracks and music videos. The “Fall in Love” single led to the bloody “Black Out Days” video, followed by the razor-sharp groove “Nothing But Trouble,” and the curiously titled ballad “Bill Murray.” Now, the upstate New York duo of singer Sarah Barthel and producer Josh Carter have shared another bit of media hyping their Voices LP: an official video for the aforementioned “Fall in Love.”

The black-and-white clip complements the song’s seductive electro-pop thrust thusly: Barthel and Carter zip up into leather jackets, perform the buzzing creeper, and set an elaborate light show to “swirl.” Oh, and there’s a near-nude woman whipping her hair back and forth in the darkness.

Watch the visual above, pre-order Voices through iTunes or Amazon before it drops on February 18, and read up on the full-length to see why it’s one of 50 Albums You Gotta Hear in 2014.