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Oneohtrix Point Never Explores Emoji Love and Death in ‘Boring Angel’ Video

oneohtrix point never, boring angel, video, r plus seven

Oneohtrix Point Never has crafted yet another music video for his latest full-length, the 50 Best Albums of 2013-honored R Plus Seven. After the visuals for “Problem Areas,” “Zebra,” “Still Life (Interspecies Excerpt),” and “Still Life (Betamale),” ambient maestro Daniel Lopatin has shared a companion clip for “Boring Angel,” the opening mood piece from his Replica follow-up.

Directed by John Michael Boling, the new video takes a minimalist, modern-day approach. All we see is a stream of emojis (maybe OPN’s been studying Chief Keef’s playbook?) set against a white backdrop. As the song expands beyond its organ-led opening, the emoji changes. A sullen face is swapped with a clock as ticking sounds underscore the track. When the tempo accelerates halfway through, the icons quickly rotate between a woman’s face, a lovestruck smiley, a broken heart, cigarettes, money, a wine glass, a syringe, and more.

Lopatin and Boling lead us through an entire lifetime by way of emoji, and, like life, the video ends (spoiler) with death. Watch it all unravel above.