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Chief Keef’s ‘Emojis’ is the Texting Anthem 2013 Deserved

The cover of Chief Keef's "Emojis"

If you use an iPhone you are familiar with emoji, the 2.0 version of emoticons. If you follow Chief Keef you are also familiar with emoji, because the 18-year-old Chicago rapper Chief Keef punctuates nearly all of his tweets with them. His most frequent go-tos are the guy blowing smoke out of his nose and, sarcastically, the two crying emoji.

It’s a delight, then, that a studio version of a Keef song called “Emojis” has popped up on the Internet. The track sounds like most of the soon-to-be-jailed MC’s recent output, including latest mixtape Almighty So: Over “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” synth bleeps, he mumble-sings about texting with a girl: “Emojis, emojis / The bitch might text emojis / Emojis, Emojis / So I send emojis.” At less than 90 seconds it’s only a sketch of a song if anything, but Keef’s hazy drawl adds something specific to this subject matter: a feeling of being too stoned, tired, uninterested, or flirty to communicate in anything but cartoons.

The track is the latest in a recent flurry of new tracks from Sosa, including “Love No Thotties” and “Ight Doe.”