Watch Chief Keef Stick to His Guns in ‘Ight Doe’ Video

Chief Keef, left, in the "Ight Doe" video

Chief Keef is Chief Keef, and he probably isn’t changing for a while. The Chicago rapper’s new video for “Ight Doe” primarily features he and friends waving handguns around — just weeks after a warrant was reportedly issued for his arrest. That warrant was for failing to pay child support, but given Keef’s history of run-ins with the law just this year, a judge probably would not look favorably on him openly promoting his firearm collection. As a song, “Ight Doe” is hard yet kind of hilariously blasé, as Keef circles back to the title with a distinct nonchalance: “This nigga said he’s gonna rob me? / Aight doe.” It’s not nearly as dynamic as his best songs — “Macaroni Time,” “Where He Get It,” or “I Ain’t Done Turnin Up” — have been this year, but it continues the mumbling underwater aesthetic Keef dove into on his most recent mixtape Bang Pt. 2.


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