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Chief Keef Headed to Jail After Failing Drug Test

Chief Keef in the video for "Macaroni Time"

Chief Keef will spend the next 20 days in Illinois’ Cook County Jail after testing positive for marijuana. According to the Chicago Tribune, the 18-year-old rapper was subject to random drug-testing under the terms of his sentence from an incident over the summer in which he was ticketed for driving 110 mph. Keef — born Keith Cozart — paid $531 to settle the ticket but was also sentenced to 18 months probation.

In a post on Instagram from this morning, the rapper seemed accepting of his fate, writing “Getting my Self ready To Get Locked Up ! Love Everybody That Rocks With The Slo & Da Glo!”

That Keef smokes weed is of absolutely no surprise — check, say, his recent video for “Love No Thotties,” or “Macaroni Time” from earlier this year. Unfortunately, it’s no shocker that Keef is once again caught in the crosshairs of the law. Just over a month ago a judge in Chicago issued a warrant for his arrest stemming from a failure to pay child support — only the latest in a string of arrests that have dotted this year.

Over the weekend, Keef released his second mixtape of the year, Almighty So.