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Watch Chief Keef’s Amazingly Titled ‘Macaroni Time’ Video

The song is not a sequel to "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"

This week has only spanned two days, but it’s already been a roller coaster ride for Chicago teen rap star Chief Keef. On Monday afternoon, he was arrested at an Atlanta hotel after a security guard summoned police upon smelling marijuana coming from Keef’s room. This could cause a number of problems for Keef, who was released from an Illinois prison two months ago after serving a 60-day sentence stemming from a probation violation. Unfortunately, if Keef’s Instagram is any indication, he’s not yet sweating his latest run-in with police, a pose that clashes with the tears he shed in front of a Chicago judge.

Today, though, he released a video for his new song “Macaroni Time” (let’s let that one wash over us). The track is supposedly off his supposedly forthcoming mixtape Bang Pt. 2, though the status of the project is perpetually up in the air, and could be further complicated by any fallout from his Monday arrest. Nonetheless, the track is another gleefully intoxicated headtrip from a kid who is releasing some of the most bizarrely singular music in rap whenever he manages to stay out of jail.