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Oneohtrix Point Never Decorates ‘Problem Areas’ With Coors in Surreal Video

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Oneohtrix Point Never previously teased his upcoming R Plus Seven album with a snippet of “Still Life,” an experimental collage that fuses electric surge with watery squelching. Now, Daniel Lopatin has actually shared a full “song” from his Replica follow-up, the erratic “Problem Areas.” The three-minute piece propels forward by way of a jittery, mechanical rhythm and bulky bass; stuttering vocals segue in near the end, intruding on the ambient interlude.

“I wanted to characterize a linear world with cracks in its edifice,” Lopatin said in a statement. “One with a veneer of being breakable, but that instead just bends and stretches endlessly like rubber, preventing you from ever understanding its true properties. The proverbial ‘endless vista,’ but with an end.” 

Oneohtrix Point Never has paired the track with two separate videos, both designed by artist Takeshi Murata. An interactive clip is occupying OPN’s official website, and a more straightforward (but still pretty formless) short is streaming above. Like Nate Boyce‘s video for “Sill Life (Interspecies Excerpt),” Murata’s work focuses on 3-D virtual sculptures: A dartboard, a VHS copy of Exorcist II: The Heretic, chess pieces, and cans of Coors Light (natch) clutter the scene. 

R Plus Seven is out October 1 via Warp. Pre-orders are available through iTunes and Bleep

Oneohtrix Point Never tour dates: 

September 12 – Troy, NY @ EMPAC Theater
September 14 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Festival Ceremonia
September 17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Cathedral
September 22 – Kraków, Poland @ Sacrum Profanum
September 26 – Leeds, U.K. @ Howard Asembly Room
September 27 – Paris, France @ Le Trabendo
September 28 – The Hague, the Netherlands @ Today’s Art Festival
October 1 – Glasgow, U.K. @ Centre for Contemporary Arts
October 3 – London, U.K. @ Islington Assembly Hall
October 4 – Berlin, Germany @ Berghain
October 5 – Kortrijk, Belgium @ De Kreun
November 16 – Minneapolis, MN @ Walker Art Center
November 23 – East Sussex, U.K. @ ATP Weekender @ Pontins Holiday Centre