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Thom Yorke Loses Himself to Dance During Atoms for Peace’s ‘Before Your Very Eyes’

Atoms for Peace, "Before Your Very Eyes," live video, 'Amok,' Tokyo, MTV Japan

Atoms for Peace started as a live concern, and for all the formidable studio magic evident on this year’s Amok, that’s still where you can best see their West African-inspired synth odysseys really go someplace. Thom Yorke becomes one with the desert in the video for twitchy album opener “Before Your Very Eyes.” In this newly posted live clip from a November 23 show in Tokyo (via At Ease), the Radiohead man can be seen losing himself to the music — he goes from guitar, to no instrument, to a little portable synth, and he threatens to break into one of his famous dances at more than one point. The real highlight in this MTV Japan-shot clip, though, is Flea, whose neck-climbing bass lines keep the whole amorphous art-groove from blowing away like grains of sand in the wind.

In other news related to the alt-rock supergroup, Four Tet recently dug up an Atoms for Peace remix. Yorke and fellow Atoms for Peace member Nigel Godrich have been heavily involved in the debate over online streaming. With no tour dates currently on the schedule, it’ll be very interesting see what Yorke and the gang find themselves up to next. ( is no help — the site appears to be down at the moment.)