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Thom Yorke Turns Into Sand ‘Before Your Very Eyes’ in Atoms for Peace Video

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Atoms for Peace have shared the official music video for wubby Amok opener “Before Your Very Eyes…” and it’s a bizarre sight to behold. The nearly six-minute clip uses stop-motion animation and stunning visual effects to drop Thom Yorke in the middle of a desert wasteland. But the Radiohead leader isn’t just wandering and twirling up and down sand dunes — no, dude is actually one with the desert, like a sort of Sandman creature (the Spider-Man villain, not the sleep-sprinkler). As the short wears on, skyscrapers and highways rise from the Earth, but quickly fall around Yorke, who’s tossing, turning, and crumbling himself. Guess sometimes he gets knocked down but doesn’t get up again. 

AFP originally premiered the video during their October 16 concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles (via Pitchfork). Today (October 17), Yorke tweeted, “Aaah Blinkin’ Hollywood:) Thanks to everyone who came last night.” The tweet included a link to the band’s official website, where fans can dig around to watch the clip. Or, you could just hit the play button above.