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Katherine Jackson Appeals Decision in Michael’s Wrongful Death Trial

Katherine Jackson Michael Wrongful Death Appeal Trial Doctor

Katherine Jackson is seeking an appeal in the wrongful death trial that declared concert promoter AEG not liable in the early demise of her son, Michael Jackson. The initial charge was that the company had hired Dr. Conrad Murray — recently released after serving two years behind bars for involuntary manslaughter — with the knowledge that the physician was incompetent. After a long and complicated trial, a jury decided AEG did nothing wrong.

They declared that Murray was perfectly fit to do his job, though we’re still not convinced he’s a good candidate for a reality television show. While Jackson certainly died by the man’s negligent hand (this having been proven in a court of law), and certain higher-ups at AEG displayed some disgusting behavior in dealing with the King of Pop (pushing Jackson despite his flagging health, referring to him as “the freak”), the matter appeared to be settled.

Katherine Jackson’s latest move is being alternately criticized as a money-grab and praised as an attempt to seek justice. Regardless, there was $40 billion on the table on the last go-around.