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Watch Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Play Dress-Up, Sing ‘Reflektor’ With Mariachi Band

arcade fire, win butler, reflektor

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor has already topped the Billboard charts, but the indie-rock juggernauts are still working to maintain an air of mystery around their fourth album. Take the above video, filmed at London’s Roundhouse venue on November 12 before AF took the stage under their not-at-all-secret-identity the Reflektors. According to the obsessives with Arcade Fire Tube, the clip catches a masked Win Butler singing Reflektor‘s title track with a mariachi band. Rather than picking up the giant bobblehead mask he wore while covering Devo, Butler greeted concert-goers with a simple skullface-and-sunglasses combination. Press play to see the frontman ditch the “Haitian voodoo” bit for some traditional Mexican folk. And be sure to check out SPIN’s exclusive feature, Inorganic at the Disco: 40 Rock Bands Who Beat Arcade Fire to the Dance Floor.