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Watch the Dismemberment Plan Barrel Through Heart’s ‘Barracuda’

dismemberment plan, heart, barracuda, uncanney valley

The Dismemberment Plan’s first album in 12 years will soon see the light, and the Washington, D.C. favorites have released a trio of tracks to coincide with the long-awaited comeback record: “Waiting,” “Invisible,” and “Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer.” Now, the jittery math-pop unit have shared a fourth tune to promote the upcoming Uncanney Valley, but it’s not a D-Plan original — it’s a cover of Heart’s 1977 classic “Barracuda.” Travis Morrison and co. dropped in on the A.V. Club recently to participate in the website’s “Undercover” series, and video of the performance has surfaced a week before the October 15 arrival of the band’s follow-up to 2001’s Change.

Given their tendency to overthink (Morrison is one of indie rock’s all-time great worrywarts), it’s a little surprising that the foursome offer such a straightforward take on “Barracuda.” Sure, the guitars sound as if they’re rocketing out of Earth’s orbit but the song’s real driving force — that unmistakable half-gallop, half-chug — keeps the tribute grounded in the original’s atmosphere. “It’s just a great song,” Morrison said to the A.V. Club, explaining why he and his bandmates chose to cover the Little Queen highlight. “When Heart was at their peak, it was just such awesome rock’n’roll. And, also, our manager said he would quit if we didn’t do it… So we took that as valuable professional advice.”

Catch “Barracuda” above, and stream all of Uncanney Valley over at NPR.