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Dismemberment Plan Offer Call ‘Waiting’ Experience to Song-Starved Fans

Dismemberment Plan 'Waiting' Call Phone Stream

The Dismemberment Plan bring a 12-year recording hiatus to a close on October 15 with Uncanney Valley, the D.C. math-pop band’s first album since their excellent 2001 LP Change. Thus far we’ve had to divine their current direction from live leaks of demos-in-progress, but that ends now — if you dial the following number: 252-64-DPLAN. Travis Morrison and crew have decided to debut their new single “Waiting” by casting it as call-waiting music.

The group relaunched their site today with the image seen above: a sculpted torso with no head, arms, or bottom half, accompanied by the words, “Have you seen me?” Whether or not you’ve located the dismembered fellow in the photo, you should give that number a ring. The two-minute recording is dipped in all of the typical phone-line fuzz and lossy distortion, but the song’s angular inclinations come through along with a bittersweet ditty about love.