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Dr. Dog Dig Up Vintage Toy Ads for ‘Love’ Video

Dr. Dog 'Love' Video 'B-Room' Album Vintage Toys

In our recent interview with Dr. Dog, bassist-singer Toby Leaman explained the Philadelphia band’s new live approach to recording together. “Every other day for the past 10 years we’ve played a show, pretty much. There’s no reason to not take advantage of that in the studio,” he said. “We’re great live.” Indeed, they are, and that quality imbues their eight album B-Room with a new, rawer soulful quality that is a perfect accompaniment to deep-felt musings about romance.

“Love” finds Dr. Dog confronting mixed feelings at the start of a fresh affair. On the one hand there’s the thrill of believing you may have found the love of your life. On the other, there’s the fear that those emotions could fade and leave you worse off than where you started. Visually, the song is complimented by a slew of shots taken from commercials for vintage toys, some of which are still familiar, while others have long been taken down from the shelf.

This clip, which premiered over at the A.V. Club, follows similarly retro-culled pieces for “Broken Heart” and “The Truth.” For a list of Dr. Dog’s upcoming tour dates, revisit our post on their recent Yo Gabba Gabba! appearance. ANTI- Records is now taking pre-orders for B-Room which include limited portions of the “Humble Passenger” 7-inch and corresponding 16-page comic book.