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Ryan Hemsworth Couples Britney Spears With A$AP Rocky on ‘Thuggin’ Noise’ Remix

Ryan Hemsworth

The math on this one is simple: the vocals of A$AP Mob’s Rocky-featuring “Thuggin’ Noise” laid over Britney Spears’ twinkling ballad “Everytime.” Girl Talk didn’t bury mash-ups dead, but he did render useless any post-Night Ripper hyper-kinentic Frankesteins, including his own work. So — as is the Hemsworth soft-touch M.O. — his remix of the Lords Never Worry mixtape opener eliminates the intimidation from Rocky’s words and the drama from Britney’s in favor of a wistful sort of sweetness. It is rap music for bed time, which is certainly not a bad thing. Of course, Hemsworth’s most recent EP was dubbed Still Awake, and his new ’90s-checking LIZ collab is called “Day N’ Night,” so maybe it’s a permanent sort of twilight he’s aiming for. Meanwhile, Spears has been kicking it with Smurfs — sadly, not a raver sub-type spotted at HARD Summer 2013 — and getting in shape for her Vegas residency. Oh, and “It’s Hemsworth, Bitch”: