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Major Lazer Hires Old Spice Guy to Slay ‘Workaholics’ Dude in ‘Scare Me’ Video

Major Lazer 'Scare Me' Video Terry Crews Peaches

They say success is the best revenge, and while fictional superhero Major Lazer might argue for a different sort of justice, his master knows this well. Last month, Diplo offered to fight Flo Rida after accusing the latter of ripping off his inventive video steez, then recanted the threat, tweeting he’d rather just return to his own work. Now we know the reason for the change of heart: Major Lazer has come to life in the new video for “Scare Me.”

Old Spice ab-master and Arrested Development newcomer Terry Crews plays the beret-wearing badass in the clip alongside actress Lauren London (The GameEntourageATL) as the pair embark on a murderous mission to depose a supervillain named General Rubbish. Oh, and The League‘s Nick Kroll stars as a super-serious government agent, while Workaholics hairball Blake Anderson dons an eyepatch.

Peaches and Timberlee also guest on “Scare Me,” a hyperactive electro-ska romp that hails from Free the Universe, of course. Major Lazer are headlining the ongoing Mad Decent Block Party tour.