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‘Workaholics’ Star Anders Holm Has Magic Mojo in Serengeti’s ‘Laser Tag’ Video

Serengeti Workaholics Anders Holm Laser Tag Kenny Dennis Anticon

Chicago rapper Serengeti stopped by SPIN last year to explain the hip-hop metafiction/therapy session/satirical delight that is his Kenny Dennis character. “This guy just has total confidence in himself,” he said. “He doesn’t live his work. He does his work, but he doesn’t have any qualms about his work because there’s no other big pipe dreams. He has his friends come over for cookouts … and I always dreamed of being that dude who had friends comin’ over.”

It’s fitting then that this dude gets a clutch assist from a pal on the just-out Kenny Dennis LP. Anders Holm of Workaholics provides four narrative sketches discussing his experiences with Geti’s white middle-aged alter-ego. He also stars in the above video for “Laser Tag,” one of said interludes, playing an especially awesome version of himself — a bathrobed Don Juan who woos his neighbor by surprising her with a hot bag of fast food. The massively mustachioed Dennis makes a handful of excellent cameos, while Holm tells the tale of a random act of kindness took place when they first met.