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Four Tet Remixes DIANA’s ‘Perpetual Surrender’ Into Space-Disco Anthem

DIANA, Austra, "Perpetual Surrender," Four Tet remix

DIANA are a Canadian outfit specializing in sumptuous, Sade-nodding soul-pop and led by Carmen Elle, former guitarist for fall tourmates Austra. Their sax-adorned smoothness caught our ear when the “Perpetual Surrender” video surfaced earlier this month, and now via Rookie comes a remix by U.K. electronic wizard Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet.

Hebden gorgeously extends the song while also stripping it down, emphasizing a plucky bass groove, clattering percussion, and chopped-up vocal loops. The result would fit nicely alongside Four Tet’s There Is Love in You. It might be better than the original, and that’s saying something. Elle doesn’t “need saving from myself,” despite what she sings here — as it is, Hebeden ultimately cuts her off mid-word — but this remix expertly coaxes out the quality that was already present.

DIANA’s debut album, also titled Perpetual Surrender, comes out August 30 via Jagjaguwar, and a limited number of deluxe-edition pre-orders include the Four Tet remix. So, y’know, click accordingly. Meanwhile, Four Tet has unveiled “Kool FM,” the first track from soon-forthcoming album Beautiful Rewind. Hebden also recently reissued Four Tet’s groundbreaking 2003 LP Rounds and produced Omar Souleyman’s October 22 LP Wenu Wenu.