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David Bowie’s Crazy Eyes Spend ‘Valentine’s Day’ in an Abandoned Building

David Bowie Valentine's Day

Continuing in the long line of music videos filmed in abandoned buildings, David Bowie’s “Valentine’s Day” finds the rocker alone, angrily playing a tiny Steinberger guitar while singing about a school shooter. Despite a lack of plot or effects, it’s a forceful film, thanks to Bowie’s icy stares that evoke a more dapper Hannibal Lecter. Directed by Indrani and Markus Klinko, the stark visuals especially highlight the Thin White Duke’s different color eyes, a condition he developed after being on the wrong end of a fist during a teenage fight over a girl.

The new video comes a day after Bowie announced he’ll be releasing “Valentine’s Day,” the fourth single from his album The Next Day, as a 7-inch picture disc in August. Of course, the always-mysterious singer has yet to unveil what that picture will be.