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10 Albums You Can Hear Now: AlunaGeorge, Baroness, Mac DeMarco, and More

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Close out the work week with 10 all-new, ready-for-streaming albums. Grab a set of earbuds and dig into the latest releases from AlunaGeorge, Ebony Bones, DJ Rashad, and more below.

1) AlunaGeorge, Body Music. “AlunaGeorge’s long-awaited debut album [features] previously heard songs ‘Attracting Flies,’ ‘Your Drums, Your Love,’ and ‘Just a Touch’… [plus] a bonus cut that looks to be a [zonked-out] remake of Montell Jordan’s unkillable ‘This Is How We Do It.'” — SPIN (via AlunaGeorge’s website)

2) Ebony Bones, Behold, A Pale Horse. “British singer-songwriter and producer Ebony Bones is a bold, explosive artist who’s unafraid to let her freak flag fly. Her frenetic mix of soul, art-pop, rock and punk feels immediate and rootless; it could soundtrack any cityscape around the world… Ebony Bones’ second album… has a harder sound compared to the electronic tinge of her debut… But what continues to stand out about Ebony Bones is that she’s her own producer: The record is as much about the production as the performance. You can hear it in the meticulous sonic groove of ‘Bread & Circus’… She even takes a backseat to the New London Children’s Choir in a playful cover of The Smiths’ ‘What Difference Does It Make.'” (via NPR) 

3) DJ Rashad, I Don’t Give a Fuck EP. “What might be craziest about footwork’s success is that the music is so wildly experimental. Hurtling ahead at 160 beats per minute like a rock tumbler strapped to a freight train, it juxtaposes chopped-up vocal samples with thundering 808 toms, rickety triplet hi-hats, jungle breaks, Morse-code bleeps, and pretty much any other sound that its producers can splice into a vertigo-inducing moiré… Rashad’s new EP for Hyperdub is titled I Don’t Give a Fuck. That’s hardly true, but he does come off as refreshingly down-to-earth, particularly compared to the professional strivers in other pockets of electronic music. ‘Hopefully, footwork will keep going and evolving even higher than what it is,’ says Rashad. ‘If not, I’m cool with just the accomplishments we’ve got so far. We didn’t know it was going to go this far.'” (via SPIN, with track-by-track commentary)

4) Missing Monuments, Missing Monuments. “Missing Monuments is the latest project from King Louie Bankston, a garage and power-pop landmark whose resume includes a stint in the Exploding Hearts and time spent playing alongside Jay Reatard… On July 30, [the Louisiana foursome will] drop their self-titled sophomore effort, a hook-stuffed LP that proudly wears its heart on its leather jacket sleeve.” (via SPIN)

5) Blond:ish, Inward Visions EP. “Blond:ish are making some seriously dark ish on their new single for Kompakt… ‘No Place Like Gnome’ sounds a little like a gothed-out remake of Superpitcher’s own ‘Rabbits in a Hurry,’ in fact, but this rabbit hole leads straight to a deep, dank chamber whose interior decoration is inspired by David Lynch, complete with velvety delay and a hint of twangy electric guitar… ‘Inward Vision’ is similarly psychedelic, with distant voices rippling above rock-steady low toms beating out an Italo-disco war dance; church organs tussle with the eerie cry of a snake charmer’s horn, making for a spellbinding collision between the sacred and the profane.” (via SPIN)

6) The Mallard, Finding Meaning in Deference. “The Mallard broke up earlier this year, and the San Francisco crew’s second album, Finding Meaning in Deference, still hasn’t seen the light of day. That’ll change on July 30, when Castle Face Records issues the foursome’s darkly psychedelic swan song… an itchy, post-punk, 11-track LP that channels the taut, druggy garage-drone of The Velvet Underground & Nico.” (via SPIN)

7) Mac DeMarco, Live at Russian Recording. “Fans can hear the Canadian tunesmith take the piss out of Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff,’ Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman,’ the Beatles’ ‘Blackbird,’ Eric Clapton’s ‘Cocaine,’ the Police’s ‘Message in a Bottle,’ Neil Young’s ‘Unknown Legend,’ and Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s ‘Takin’ Care of Business.’ DeMarco played bits of all those songs during a recent show at Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana, and that gig has since been translated to the new Live at Russian Recording album.” (via SPIN)

8) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Little Moments EP. “Mid-’00s blog-rock all-stars Clap Your Hands Say Yeah lost two members last year, but they soldier on, and now they’ve got a brand-new EP. Their Little Moments has two new songs, ‘Little Moments’ and ‘Only Run,’ and two B-sides, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Once.’ It won’t be up for sale on vinyl until October, but right now, you can stream all four songs.” (via Stereogum)

9) Baroness, Live at Maida Vale EP. “With a lengthy North American tour set to kick of next week, Baroness will release a new 4 song live EP… Titled Live at Maida Vale, the songs were recorded for the BBC last July. Thankfully you won’t have to wait for tomorrow to check out the EP.” — Antiquiet (via Alternative Press)

10) MATRiXXMAN, The XX Files EP. “Formerly one half of 5kinAndBone5, the duo responsible for the extremely nasty beat on Le1f’s breakout single ‘Wut,’ San Franscisco producer MATRiXXMAN has a new solo EP… Turns out, it’s a whole lot more spacious than that 2012 cut, using a palette of subtly modulated hardware sounds in economical homage to classic Detroit techno and Chicago house. Even at its most melodic moments, The XX Files’ particular swagger feels compellingly controlled and staid, though with their remixes of ‘Case Closed’ and ‘Credentials,’ London producer Ill Life and Ireland’s Myler shake things up a bit at the end.” (via Fader)