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Wavves’ Curious ‘Demon to Lean On’ Video Dives Into the Dump

Wavves' "Demon to Lean On"

It’s been a fertile several days for videos that are at once instantly memorable but also hard to parse narratively. The Knife’s “A Tooth for an Eye” video gracefully showcased a characteristically stellar song, from the duo’s upcoming Shaking the Habitual, but beyond an artists’ statement about deconstructing gender tropes, it isn’t clear why these men are dancing with this young referee. Soon-to-be Saturday Night Live guests Phoenix’s “Entertainment” video got into our heads with its epoch-jumping Asian imagery, but we’re still puzzling out how it all fits together. Now enter Wavves’ “Demon to Lean On” clip, via Noisey.

Where the first video from March 26’s Afraid of Heights followed the hedonism of a hypocritical priest, this one — again directed by the video team of BLACK // DOCTOR — follows a lost boy’s troubles and triumphs in a junkyard full of lost boys who’ve gone Lord of the Flies. “Demon to Lean On” is still a refreshingly huge loud-soft anthem, and the video is definitely mesmerizing, but once again, we’d be lying if we tried to tell you what mealtime with Rufio from Hook‘s posse has to do with “no hope and no future.” Except that maybe when the outlook is bleak, there’s no choice but to go a little wild.

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