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The Knife’s Hauntingly Caribbean-Inflected ‘A Tooth for an Eye’ Surfaces

The Knife

Hammurabi, the ancient inventor of the “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” code, would not understand the new Knife song at all. Luckily for the rest of the us, if you’ve been following along with the art-devouring Swedish electro-pop duo’s previous records, latest leak “A Tooth for an Eye” should sound relatively familiar. Where the first track to emerge from spring album Shaking the Habitual, the nine-minute “Full of Fire,” plunged straight into icy albeit ceaselessly shifting techno, this one is the type of otherworldly, Caribbean steel drum-driven synth-popper that’s been the Knife’s specialty since 2004 debut Deep Cuts. Karin Dreijer Andresson’s vocals are piercing as ever, rising to a frenzied howl as she moves from recounting suburban scenes to telling stories from her doorstep. Instead of sharing different heartbeats, she and brother Olof Dreijer are once again quickening them.

As with “Full of Fire,” a bit of a cat-and-mouse chase is going on — at least one SoundCloud stream has already been removed — but for now you can listen over at the lemusiccassette Tumblr.