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Watch ‘SNL’s Jay Pharoah Weakly Spoof Trinidad James’ ‘All Gold Everything’

Trinidad James Jay Pharoah 'All Gold Everything' Spoof Barbados Tomas No Chainz

With all the attention on Justin Timberlake as he prepares to host Saturday Night Live for the fifth time, it’s possible that cast member Jay Pharoah has been feeling a little left out. In a new video released by the actor/comedian, he spoofs recent SPIN Inquisition subject Trinidad James with a character called Barbados Tomas.

Instead of “All Gold Everything,” Pharoah delivers “All Food Everything,” which plays out pretty much exactly as you’d expect. Okay, it’s quite possible that you didn’t predict the cameo from No Chainz — a parody of our REAL Hottest MC, 2 Chainz, who sports a necklace made of paperclips — but the rest is fairly by the numbers. Tomas raps about the meals that he’s making, plus their eventual exit from his body, while poking fun at Based-rap repetition and “swag!” interjections. The biggest shot Pharoah takes at James comes with the ugly fake teeth he wears throughout the clip. (The actual rapper’s snaggly gold grill adorns the cover of Don’t Be S.A.F.E., one of our Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2012.)

Honestly, while the production quality is a major upgrade from Prince’s latest music video, we expect a little better from an SNL player. On the plus side, we now know that Pharoah once pursued a rap career in earnest as J-Hullk. Let’s end on an up note: