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Prince Demands $1.77 to Watch ‘Screwdriver’ Video

Prince Screwdriver Live Video Charges Money 1.77

Prince’s latest entry to his own sultry funk canon is “Breakfast Can Wait,” and now U can 2 since the only way to watch His Purpleness’ video for other new song “Screwdriver” is to pay a curiosity-whetting $1.77 and then download the entire movie file. You can grab the thing over at Prince’s official page or via his thinly veiled alias’ webstore 3rdEyeGirl (where songs are priced at $0.88 a pop), but before you do you pass over that buck and change you should know what you’re getting in return.

When the grainy eight-minute clip picks up, we meet a guitar-wielding girl with a Skrillex ‘do and a rockin’ lady band. They show up for a sketchy audition but while the plot, production and performance all scream “porno flick,” a tiny form soon emerges from a fog-spewing door and beckons the girls into a dark warehouse. We soon discover that Prince has called the women forth so that they can back him as he plays “Screwdriver” to a ’90s-attired audience who dip, bop and twist in (almost) synchronization.

You will never get that $1.77 back, so decide wisely. As for the very specific pricing, Prince has displayed an affinity for sevens in the past, as Videostatic points out, and a quick Google search of the terms “177” and “Prince” reveals a Soho loft complex where, we can only assume, the Artist has hidden a physical clue that will lead to the unveiling of his next new song. That, or a copy of 2011 action-thriller The Adjustment Bureau. The man’s kookiness aside, he made a fantastic cameo at the 2013 Grammys.