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Loop Daft Punk’s 15-Second ‘SNL’ Album Teaser for 10 Hours

Daft Punk: Clever marketers after all

Rejoice, ye faithful worshippers of robots: The resurrection is almost upon us. Just a week after they confirmed signing to Columbia Records with an image posted to their website, Daft Punk teased fans with 15 seconds of new music during a television ad that aired during Saturday Night Live this weekend. Actually, make that eight seconds of new music — just four bars of elegantly restrained disco, looped once. (It’s been reported that Daft Punk have been working with Nile Rodgers, and it certainly sounds like it from the snippet’s flickering riffs.) Given the way the duo has been dropping Easter eggs across the pop-culture landscape, one wonders if the French electronic-music superstars are planning to pull a John Lennon and declare themselves bigger than Jesus by releasing the new LP unannounced on Easter Sunday. It would be fitting: They did, after all, record a 1997 song called “Phoenix.”

For those that simply can’t stand the wait, a clever YouTube user has come to your rescue by looping the untitled snippet for 10 minutes, one hour, or, for the truly hardcore, 10 full hours. That means that you can listen to that effortless chord progression 4,500 times without ever having to hit the reload button. Somewhere, Kevin Shields is working on a 365-day loop of roaring guitars to use as the teaser to the next My Bloody Valentine album, due out in another 147 years.

And watch the original commercial below.