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Watch AraabMuzik’s Medieval Fantasy Realized in ‘The Prince Is Coming’ Video

AarabMuzik 'The Prince Is Coming' Video "For Professional Use Only" mixtape

A month ago, Dipset producer and Providence sampler virtuoso AraabMuzik delivered the one-two punch of his bleak-banging “Never Have to Worry” and the fierce mixtape that birthed it: For Professional Use Only. Now he’s got a video for that set’s second song “The Prince Is Coming,” and like clips by Frank Ocean, Nicki Minaj, and AlunaGeorge before it, this one appears to take place in an ancient fantasy realm — “The Age of Legends,” as the intro text explains. Director Tilla delivers a somewhat shaky but visually bold narrative in which a trio of powerful queen types are on the hunt for a man with an exquisite gift for rhythm — why, a man like AraabMuzik, of course. As over the top as things do get (seven minutes is a lot of space to fill), it’s not hard to imagine this sort of a scene being the unspoken yet intended plot of this elementally hulking instrumental.