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Hear AraabMuzik’s Bleak-Banging ‘Never Have to Worry’ Mixtape Leak

AarabMuzik 'Never Have to Worry' Stream

Fresh off of his A$AP Rocky Letterman assist, MPC-slaying beat beast AraabMuzik is preparing to release a new mixtape dubbed For Professional Use Only on February 15. Could this be the final version of the mistakenly released Electronic Dreams 2 that excited so many in September? When we spoke to the production prodigy’s people back then, we were told in no uncertain terms that the leaked set was “not the album.” Perhaps it was the mixtape then? To be sure, we’ve no idea when the followup to Araab’s stunning debut Electronic Dreams is actually going to arrive (and if it’ll still be called Electronic Reality), but new song “Never Have to Worry” appropriately gives us plenty of reason to stop fretting.

Kicking off with a towering stack of dooming sonics and goopy vocal edits, the bleak-banger stomps forth with huge kick drums and spinning synths. Echoes of Bone Thugs and A$AP Mob bounce through the heavy gloom, which does just fine without a single verse on hand to pump it up. Pro indeed.