Watch Kanye West Announce Impending Fatherhood Onstage in Atlantic City

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Ever since Kanye West and Taylor Swift fatefully crossed paths during the MTV Video Music Awards a few years ago, that moment’s instant memedom has obscured an intriguing similarity between the two artists. Both use their lyrics in a way that simultaneously preempts, teases, and acts as a press release for the gossip mill. Swift has her Mayers and Kennedys, while in the past year, West’s songs have been busily keeping us up on his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Yeezy declared his affection for the reality-TV star last spring on “Cold” (née “Theraflu”) and offered marriage a proposal of sorts on last fall’s endearing, old-head-friendly “White Dress.” Perhaps announcing Kardashian’s pregnancy via song would’ve been too predictable, because West actually went for maximal showmanship and tossed fans the surprise revelation as part of a freestyle in the last night of his three-night stand over the weekend at Atlantic City’s Revel Resort. After asked the sound team to “stop the music” during a performance of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘s “Lost in the World,” West told the crowd to congratulate “my baby mom.” Yup, Kanye’s going to be a dad soon.

Kardashian confirmed the pregancy on her website. Meanwhile, at West’s first of the three Atlantic Shows, he wasn’t exactly handing out cigars. Instead, he was wearing an abominable snowman mask and another, diamond-encrusted mask. Okay, T-Swift may’ve gone fully pop last year, but there are certain ways in which West is truly singular.

Check out fan footage of West’s “Lost in the World” announcement below.


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