How Dave Grohl Taught His Six-Year-Old to Love Vinyl

dave grohl, paul mccartney

Dave Grohl is a sucker for nostalgia. Whether it’s his upcoming documentary on legendary Los Angeles recording studio Sound City, or the star-studded supergroup he’s assembled to celebrate the film’s premiere, or his return to Queens of the Stone Age, much of the freshly 44-year-old Foo Fighter’s present is dominated by the past. And from the sound of Grohl’s recent interview with foremost comedy podcaster Marc Maron, the ex-Nirvana drummer has passed that retro-focused reverence on to his 6-year-old daughter.

In the above three-minute preview of Grohl and Maron’s chat, the Sound City auteur talks about his daughter’s obsession with the Beatles, specifically with last year’s vinyl reissues of the Fab Four’s 12 studio albums. “I got the turntable out of the garage, I put it in her room, I set it up,” Grohl says. “I walked out of the room, an hour later she had all the records out on the floor, she had listened to them all.” He continues, clearly excited, “She was looking at the liner notes, she was dancing, it was unbelievable.” The sometimes music video director also says that rather than stress about the not-quite-crystalline quality of the LPs, he wants his daughter to enjoy the same listening experience he had as a child. “Fuck it, this is what it sounded like when I was a kid,” he rationalizes. “I’m not going to give her the audio file version.” 

Nowhere is there any mention of his daughter’s reaction to that Paul McCartney-fronted “Nirvana reunion,” but maybe that’ll come with the full interview, which debuts on the WTF website on Thursday, January 17.


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