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Dave Grohl Rejoins Queens of the Stone Age for New Album, Joey Castillo Is Out

Dave Grohl Rejoins Queens of the Stone New Album Joey Castillo Out

In David Marchese’s fond look back at Queens of the Stone Age’s Songs For the Deaf upon its 10th anniversary, he spoke for a lot of fans when he not only dubbed that LP their greatest achievement to date, but “the kind of album that no longer exists.” It’s long been argued that Dave Grohl’s drumming — “always propulsive, dropping in virtuoso fills, and harnessing [Josh] Homme’s idiosyncratic swing,” — was a key ingredient in that rarefied recipe.

Well, after stepping aside for 2005’s Lullabies to Paralyze and 2007’s Era Vulgaris, the former Nirvana member and Foo Fighters main man will be back to spank the shit out of those skins on QOTSA’s forthcoming, long-awaited sixth album, due out sometime next year. As Pitchfork reports, band mastermind Homme appeared on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show to announce that Joey Castillo has left the band, and Grohl is back in.

In order to confirm the news, and to no doubt fan the white-hot flames of excitement ignited by that revelation, Queens of the Stone Age shared a photo on Twitter revealing a studio mixing board labeled with the names of the band’s rejiggered lineup: “DEAN” for keyboardist Dean Fertita, “SHOE” for bassist Michael Shuman, “JHO” for Homme (cool nickname, bro), “DAVE” for duh, and “TRIZ” for guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen.

Stay tuned for updates. Until then, just …