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Wub the Throne: Kanye West’s Newest Collaborator Is Skrillex

Second-highest-paid DJ in the world says he did a little work for 'Ye

Although there are currently scant details about the next record by Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, dubstep heavyweight Skrillex is claiming he recorded a new song with Kanye West. In a sort of brushed-off aside in an interview he recently did with the Daily Beast, the DJ talked about how excited he was to have worked with the rapper. Keep this in mind: both artists appear on our 30 Greatest Dubstep Songs of All Time List.

“I did some music with Kanye and from what I know, it’s actually going to be the first song on his new album,” he said. And that was it.

The rest of the interview contains a few other entertaining tidbits, though. One is Skrillex’s comments about self-professed “miserable” producer Deadmau5’s recent assertion that all DJs do is “hit play.” “Listen, I’m proud of what I do and this is not directed towards Deadmau5 personally, but if you’re going to denounce something you’re a part of… the thing about DJing is it’s a platform to create a vibe,” Skrillex told the Daily Beast. “It’s all about creating an effect. The Ramones played fuckin’ four chords. It’s about the emotion, the movement, the music you create. The ‘pushing buttons’ criticism is just missing the point. You could invalidate anything if you wanted to.”

Another is Skrillex’s outlook on money. For an artist who was recently named the second-best-paid DJ in the world right now, he’s not splurging. “The thing is, I don’t really spend money,” he said and then pointed at a hole in his pants. “These jeans were free, this is an H&M shirt, and these shoes are old and dirty. I’m the same person and I’m not trying to buy yachts or anything. I have my own place now to just keep making music, which is exciting for me, and I’m just the same punk kid.”