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Dave Grohl Traumatized by Scissor Sisters’ ‘Balls’


What could possibly provoke Dave Grohl to sue Scissor Sisters, their label, management company, and wardrobe department, Ticketmaster, and the venue where he recently saw the Brit band perform, for a total of $75 million? Well, Sisters frontman Jake Shears’ bare testicles.

In this joke clip posted to the Sisters’ website, Grohl — sitting in his home studio — explains his case to “Scissor Sister News” anchor Lester Zizmore, claiming a recent wardrobe malfunction at a stop on the band’s world tour has left him traumatized, experiencing “bouts of anxiety, panic, chills, and explosive diarrhea.”

“It started getting really hot in there,” explained Grohl, between fits of gagging and crying. “Then Jake Shears took off his clothes. Then I saw his testicles… I saw his balls! Every time I blink my eyes I still see Jake’s nuts. Is $75 million going to make that go away? Probably not.”

He added, “I think they’re a great band. They’re amazing live. I. Just. Don’t. Want. Jake’s. Balls. In. My. Face.”

The fans, however, stand behind the band. “Screw you, Dave Grohl,” one shouts in the clip.

Famous for flamboyant costumes and stage antics, Scissor Sisters released their third studio effort, Night Work, in June and launched their world tour in Atlanta this August. “Sears emerged wearing a bright red leather jacket and denim spandex,” wrote SPIN’s reviewer. “The show instantly went from zero to eighty and never slowed down,” and included numerous wardrobe changes and even simulated oral sex on a microphone. Read our review here.

Watch Grohl in the hilarious skit below, then sound off in the comment section.

Grohl sues Scissor Sisters: