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Rihanna Writing Chris Brown Dis Track with Trina


While working on new material for her forthcoming album, Rihanna is reported to be drawing from some very public real-life experiences for her lyrics.

“She’s writing a song with rapper Trina dissing Chris [Brown],” a source tells Star magazine [via AngryApe]. “Rihanna’s planning to put it on the album to really stick it to him.”

The source goes on to add that Rihanna is so inspired by Trina tough-as-nails rhymes that she’s even downloaded the rapper’s single “Wish I Never Met You” as her ringtone.

Meanwhile, Rihanna pal Katy Perry (who, in case you forgot, was recently spotted in NYC smooching Lady Sov) has revealed that she’s working on some vengeful tunes of her own.

Earlier this week Perry was asked to respond to Gossip singer Beth Ditto’s recent comments to Attitude magazine that said Perry’s hit single “I Kissed A Girl” was a “boner dyke anthem for straight girls who like to turn guys on by making out or, like, faking gay.” Ditto also added, “I hate Katy Perry!” and characterized the singer as “offensive to gay culture.” [Via Perez Hilton]

“I don’t want to get into a slanging war with anybody so I don’t want to say anything bad about her. But I’m not impressed,” Perry told thelondonpaper. “I’ve learned in the past year that one artist should never insult another artist’s music — it’s tacky. And with me, it always comes back to bite me on the ass!”

So what’s a girl to do? “I’ll write a song about it,” Perry said. “So much of this stuff has happened to me in the past year and I would love to express it all through my music.”