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Katy Perry Kissed Lady Sov — And She Liked It!


Not only does Katy Perry sing about kissing girls — she’s good at it too, says Lady Sovereign, the British rapper.

Sov got chummy– and then some — with Perry recently at a New York City party. Perez Hilton first posted that the duo reportedly spent time in a bathroom stall, but a source close to Sov confirms to that actual galpal lip-locking went down. “[Lady Sov] said Katy was a good kisser,” our source relates.

But Katy might be done with her experimental bathroom stall makeout sessions for a while: News surfaced over the weekend that she’s mended fences with her ex, Gym Class Heroes singer Travis McCoy.

Not to worry, Sov. Lindsay Lohan is single these days — and we all know she has a thing for Brits.

Lady Sov and Katy Perry