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  • Eluvium 'Envenom Mettle' Stream Nightmare Ending

    Hear Eluvium's Blooming Instrumental 'Envenom Mettle'

    For his forthcoming sixth album, Portland ambient giant Eluvium is prepping a double-disc epic dubbed Nightmare Ending. The album is due May 14 via Temporary Residence Ltd., but so far two tracks have surfaced. First up was the slowly building "Don't Get Any Closer" with its transcendent organ work, and now we have "Envenom Mettle." This latest moodpiece, which premiered at Stereogum, exchanges some of the more traditional instrumentation for a crunchy percussive loop and glistening back-masked keys. Shortly after the three-minute mark, the song blooms from windswept plain into lush soundscape. At just over five minutes, this is one of Nightmare Ending's shorter songs, but it's an experiential epic nonetheless. Take a trip with Eluvium:

  • Kate Boy 'In Your Eyes' Video Northern Lights EP

    Watch Kate Boy's Beautifully Exposed 'In Your Eyes' Video

    Stockholm's Kate Boy is quickly rising through the ranks thanks to their winning amalgam of Little Dragon pop and Knife-like dark dance. They've blessed the blogosphere with but a pair of tracks thus far, but much promise is buried therein. The hypnotic and propulsive "Northern Lights" came first (SPIN had the premiere on the Taken By Trees-helmed remix) followed shortly by "In Your Eyes," a seething beat-bubbler with a shadowy elemental streak. We've now got a video for the latter, which rolls back the in-band enigma to reveal (most of) Australian-born vocalist Kate Akhurst's face.

  • M83 Oblivion Tom Cruise StarWaves Score Anthony Gonzales

    Preview M83's 'Oblivion' Score With Astronomical 'StarWaves'

    As reported last summer, M83 main brain Anthony Gonzales has teamed up with Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy collaborator Joseph Trapanese to score Oblivion, the forthcoming sci-fi blockbuster starring Tom Cruise. That's a lot of names (including one that could/should be a Far Eastern hip-hop microgenre), so let's simplify: Be prepared to hear massive electronic-orchestral space-swells while Jerry Maguire runs around zapping things in a silver jumpsuit. What's not to like about that?As Rolling Stone reports, the soundtrack to the April 19 film will also include a proper new M83 song featuring vocals from Norwegian singer-songwriter Susanne Sundfør, not to mention the track, which you can stream below.

  • Surfer Blood 'Demon Dance' Pythons new album single

    Hear Surfer Blood's Slowly Searing 'Demon Dance'

    We're still a ways out from the June 11 due date of Surfer Blood's sophomore album Pythons, but already we've got two songs to mull over delightfully thrash to. The Timbaland-approved "Weird Shapes" arrived at the start of the year, showcasing the touch of Pixies producer Gil Norton in its mussing up of all that Weezer hookiness with spiky guitars and manic shouts. \"This is definitely going to feel like a rock record," singer JP Pitts told SPIN from the studio last year, and the album's second release more than confirms that.

  • CHVRCHES 'Recover' Video EP

    Watch CHVRCHES' Epic 'Recover' Video

    Glagow's CHVRCHES were a lock for SPIN's Best New Artists this month — the way these artistically minded synth-smiths flirt with genuine pop is something to marvel at, and their content doesn't disappoint either. The titular track from their March 26 Glassnote EP Recover is a bubbling ode to trying to figure your life out. "If I recover, will you be my comfort?" asks singer Lauren Mayberry in a voice that splits the difference between Kate Bush and the Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson. Meanwhile, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty whip up a Kavinsky-dense electronic score with enough warmth to counter the doubt hidden in Mayberry's chilling lyric sheet.The music video for the song takes a sci-fi tact, with the trio only appearing briefly as talking heads on a screen. Otherwise, mysterious cubes float through a gravity-less environment.

  • How To Destroy Angels AMA Trent Reznor Reddit Dis

    Trent Reznor Brutally Sons Smart-Ass Redditor in How to Destroy Angels AMA

    Trent Reznor's How to Destroy Angels released their debut album Welcome Oblivion today and, as a treat for fans, hopped onto Reddit to host an AMA ("ask me anything"). With recently announced tours on the horizon for both HTDA and the recently reformed Nine Inch Nails — plus that "Head Like a Hole" Carly Rae Jepsen mashup making the rounds — there was plenty to talk about. That said, it was a fairly boring talk, with one glaring exception.One "fan" took the opportunity to call Reznor out for a handful of things: "As millionaires, why did you sign up with a record label to promote your new album? ... I don't buy the 'get it to as many people as possible' excuse ... especially when Trent conveniently places a spotlight on his former cash cow a few days before your band releases this new album. Good marketing, Gene Sim-, er, Trent Reznor.

  • Jack White 'Blunderbuss' Gold Certified Sales Vinyl

    Jack White Goes Gold as 'Blunderbuss' Notches New Sales Victory

    Jack White may have been shut out at the Grammys by the Black Keys and Mumford, but his performance was best in show and his "comfortable shoe of a record" Blunderbuss continues to sell quite well, thank you very much. SPIN's 35th Best Album of 2012 has now achieved gold status, having sold over 500,000 copies in the United States according to Nielsen SoundScan.You'll recall that the former White Stripe's solo debut notched an unusual accomplishment last year: It sold more vinyl copies than any other album, including the Beatles' Abbey Road, which had maintained a seat in that throne for three years running. It was, in fact, the highest-selling non-catalog (meaning "brand new") LP to arrive since the tracking service started counting in 2008.So, yeah, perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised when White let's slip that he's already 20 songs into a new album.

  • Homeboy Sandman 'The Plot Thickens' Single Stones Throw

    Homeboy Sandman's Mellow Single 'The Plot Thickens' Will Melt Your Mind

    Homeboy Sandman was among last year's most unfortunately overlooked. The East Coast-bred Stones Throw signee released a slate of songs last year — via the Chimera EP and the First of a Living Breed LP — which ably demonstrated his wordy yet inviting microphone mastery, not to mention his knack for choosing warmly experimental beats. While those characteristics secured Homeboy a place on SPIN's Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2012, you won't catch Sandman sleeping. He's got a brand-new single out, aptly titled "The Plot Thickens."Brooklyn producer Keith Edward provides a backing track that's both crackly with static and dank with underwater depth.

  • Animal Collective Radio Centipede Hz Live Video Applesauce Amanita Moonjock

    Animal Collective Radio Relaunches With Super Freaky Live Videos

    Last summer Animal Collective took record promotion into their own hands when they launched "Animal Collective Radio," a website that served as a portal to all things related to the band's 2012 masterstroke Centipede Hz, one of SPIN's best albums of the year. Each member shared a lengthy DJ mix of his own, new songs were debuted, and, eventually, the entire LP was broadcast to much success. The Brooklyn experimentalists stepped away from their station shortly thereafter, but they've just updated it with three new additions: live videos of Hz tracks "Applesauce" (above), "Amanita," and "Moonjock" as performed at New York's Terminal 5 in December with set design assistance from the geniuses at The Creators Project.

  • The Flaming Lips 'Look... the Sun is Rising' The Terror New Album

    Hear the Flaming Lips' Excellent Post-Punk Explosion 'Look... the Sun Is Rising'

    When we spoke to the Flaming Lips about their forthcoming 13th album The Terror, Wayne Coyne explained his band's approach thusly: "Don't think about song lengths, don't think about marketing, don't think about anything, just make music that you want to make and get away from this crazy headspace where you fuck it up by fiddling with it." Clearly that technique worked, as the refreshing pre-apocalyptic blast that was "Sun Blows Up Today" not only reinvigorated critical interest in the Okie experimentalists, but scored them a spot in a Super Bowl ad for Hyundai.NPR has now premiered a second solar-themed track from the April 2 release (the previously released song will appear as a bonus cut) and it's decidedly darker in tone. Still, "Look...

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