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  • Lady Gaga Terrorism Threat Lawsuit Indonesia Concert Cancellation

    Lady Gaga Demands Payment After Terrorist Plot Shuts Down Concert

    Well, she may have bored the Internet to tears, but Lady Gaga hasn't lost her touch when it comes to riling up notoriously violent Islamic fundamentalist groups. Last year Mother Monster had to cancel her June 3 concert in Indonesia, when Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) threatened to send 30,000 of its members to prevent her from entering the country's capital.

  • METZ 'Wasted' Video Sub Pop

    Watch METZ's 'Wasted' Video, Where Glamour Shots Go Wrong

    When we spoke to SPIN Breaking Out stars METZ late last year, singer-guitarist Alex Edkins described his band's self-titled Sub Pop debut: "There are no bells and whistles. We've stripped things down to the bare necessities: concise, straight-ahead." Indeed, the Toronto outfit's refined punk walks a jagged little line between loud and clear, as heard in thrashed gems like "Headache" and "Dirty Shirt." But when it come to music videos, METZ prefer the off-kilter approach. Last time we premiered the disturbing GIF-like clip for "Wet Blanket," and now we have a second entry from director Scott Cudmore: "Wasted" (first show at Stereogum). Here, the grinding creeper of a song gets an apt video treatment via a demented mall-style photo studio. Static and distortion prevail as incongruous props, offset eyeballs, and unexplained injuries ramp up the visual terror.

  • Jeremih Sholhmo 'Lil Bo Peep' Video Songs From Scratch Yours Truly

    Watch Jeremih and Shlohmo Handcraft Succulent Slow Jam 'Lil Bo Peep'

    In SPIN's "The Best of R&B 2013," Charles Aaron posited that the genre's recent upheavals have made outsiders of former insiders. Def Jam-signed Chicago star Jeremih is a fantastic example of that phenomenon, having made his musical rise from talent shows (college) to TV shows (One Life to Live) to the top of the charts (R&B). And yet, here the man is, taking a break from prepping his third album — set to feature 50 Cent, T.I., and Busta Rhymes — in order to sit down and record with rising bedroom beatist Shlohmo. That's not to slight the self-made Los Angeles producer; the man born Henry Laufner has an exquisitely emotive touch (check out 2011's Bad Vibes), but he's been operating under the radar of major label artists and execs thus far. So who do we have to thank for getting these two in a room together?

  • Blink 182 Girl Fence Wedgie Butt Climber Concertgoer

    See a Blink-182 Fan Give Herself a Wedgie Narrowly Avoiding Death

    The little kid in us kinda wishes we could post utterly dumb gallon-smashing and yelling goats videos all day, so when something distinctly Internet-y (read: "idiotic and hilarious") sneaks into our humble little world of music, we're at the front lines.This is the story of an intrepid Blink-182 fan who wanted so badly to see her favorite pop-punk progenitors (minus Travis Barker) play Melbourne's Soundwave Festival, that she risked life and limb to do so. Well, we're not sure if that counts as a limb. Let's just say she put her ass on the line — that "line" being a dangerously pokey security fence. According to the Aussie YouTube user who posted the above video, the barrier was clearly marked with a "No Climbing" warning, but that didn't stop this girl from scaling the thing, and subsequently nearly impaling herself on it. Fortunately, the fence nabbed her by her shorts.

  • Ulfur White Mountain Album Stream Iceland

    Hear Ulfur's Full, Transcendent 'White Mountain'

    It's no secret that Iceland has a knack for delivering extremely immersive music and Úlfur Hansson is of particularly reputable stock. The newly solo performer is best known for his work in the backing band of Jónsi (a man best known for fronting Sigur Rós), so it's safe to assume that he knows his way around some epic instrumentals. Sure enough, Úlfur's debut is called White Mountain, and trades in gorgeous soundscapes that verge into the near-mystical. "Every track is a collage of field-recordings made while traveling," he says. "I always carry my tape recorder with me like a camera.

  • Halasan Bazar

    Hear Halasan Bazar's Crunchy Psych Number 'Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad'

    Halasan Bazar may hail from Copenhagen, but the Danish crew churn out that chiming sort of psychedelic fuzz-rock so often heard emanating from San Franciscan garages. Take "Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad," for instance, where main man Fredrik Eckhoff fittingly sings with an ear to both pop and slack. Meanwhile his four bandmates deliver a blown-out bliss bomb of crunchy guitars, tambourine smacks, and humming organs. The group's 2012 tape How to Ever Be Happy was a mellower affair, but Halasan Bazar relaunch on April 2 with their new album, Space Junk. Sample the first taste of the LP below, and look for more to chew on in the near future.110937:song:Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad:Halasan Bazar, Space Junk track list:1. "How Did We Get Here in the First Place?"2. "You & I"3. "Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad"4. "Live Without Love"5. "My Mind is Fixed"6. "Stay"7.

  • rick ross ashamed video

    See Rick Ross Humblebrag, Baby Leopard on His Lap, in 'Ashamed' Video

    In SPIN's review of Rick Ross' official 2012 offering, God Forgives, I Don't, reviewer Zach Baron pointed out that "you get the sense he's been thinking about the past, not the future. Ross' triumphalism has become almost nostalgic." And so it is with "Ashamed," a Wilson Pickett-sampling song with a confidently slow stomp to it, which finds the Bawse enumerating his many accomplishments in detail. But for all of the obvious signposts of personal achievement and career advancement, the man just can't shake the feeling that deep down in his core, he is and shall forever be a "dope boy." Still, Rozay is not actually that ashamed of anything he's saying, and the just-out music video for the song drives the point home with a diamond-encrusted sledgehammer.The clip finds Ross at home surrounded by opulence of nearly every variety.

  • The Soft Moon Insides Video Zeros

    See the Soft Moon's Hellishly Surreal 'Insides' Video

    The Soft Moon's Zeros is both frighteningly good and downright frightening — a claustrophobic batch of warped soundscapes supporting the hissed-out vocals of San Francisco's Luis Vasquez. The 2012 album was an apt extension of the tiny terrors found on the preceding Total Decay EP, and the videos that accompany the thing only seem to get stranger and scarier as we go. In January, we saw the static-saturated "Die Life" video and now we have an even more harrowing example above for Zeros highlight "Insides," which premiered on Stereogum today.Directed by Jacqueline Castel (Blank Dogs, Zola Jesus, Pop. 1280), the video mostly revolves around a freestanding door that seems to lead to a different plane of existence. Sometimes Vasquez stands within the frame, and sometimes he's just a grainy projection warping against a shifting grid.

  • Banks 'Fall Over' Song Stream

    Hear Banks' Badu-Channeling R&Beats Bubbler 'Fall Over'

    Okay, so her name is Banks, but what else do we know about this new female voice of American R&Beats? In short, not a whole helluva lot. Banks is based in Los Angeles and signed to IAMSOUND, cites Fiona Apple and Lauryn Hill as influences, and taught herself piano. Beyond that, we have only the songs to speak to her story, but that's enough for now. Her SoundCloud profile consists of just two songs, but we can glean much from her soulful vocals and the moody production that backs them. The previously released "Before I Ever Met You" is a heavy, emotive and trip-hoppy track about breaking up, while the just-out "Fall Over" takes a less mournful tact. The colorful track features an ultra-modern combination of dark electronica and bright effects, while Banks' delivery recalls Erykah Badu's more bewitching work. The songs are on iTunes now, and you can stream "Fall Over" here:

  • The White Mandingos Bad Brains Murs 'The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me'

    Murs and Bad Brains Bassist Form the White Mandingos, Make Fun of Swag

    Bad Brains kicked off 2013 with their very own hot sauce brand, and vocalist HR appeared on Ill Bill's heavy-hitting rhyme odyssey The Grimy Awards (a SPIN premiere) — all part of the legendary punks' Strange Survival Tale, a story which is still being written thankfully. The latest plot twist comes in the form of something called the White Mandingos.Los Angeles underground rap phenom Murs has teamed up with Bad Brains bassist Darryl Jenifer and Ego Trip satirist/journalist Sacha Jenkins SHR to found that new disturbingly named band.

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