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  • Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band Tunde TVOTR Blast Boom Video

    Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band's 'The Blast the Boom' Becomes Animated Adventure

    Back in April, TV on the Radio singer/writer Tunde Adebimpe talked to SPIN about his main group's gradual return to the spotlight but also let us know about a new project: Higgins Black Magic Waterproof Band. The quartet has a self-titled EP out right now grab it and now a video for the brooding first taste "The Blast the Boom." The experimental crew's handle comes from a brand of ink and that's not for nothing: both Adebimpe and guitarist Alex Holden are, or have been, professional illustrators. They put those skills to work in the stop-motion short above, in which a gallant wolf man has a series of unfortunate run-ins with a giant fire-blasting skull. Pick up Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band via iTunes or Insound. And by the way, it's "HIWABLAMABA" for short.

  • Solange Saint Records Heron Kelela Album Go All Night

    Solange Signals 'Saint Heron' Comp Arrival With Kelela's 'Go All Night'

    Solange Knowles has at last unveiled her vision for Saint Records, the label that she'll run with distribution via Sony. In May we learned that the imprint would be home to her next album — the one set to co-star Dirty Projectors, Chairlift, and Sampha — plus help spearhead a "new musical movement." In an announcement that heralded the November 12 arrival of the 12-song Saint Heron showcase/compilation, Solange clarified her statement of intent:"With Saint Heron I really wanted to celebrate and continue to cultivate the community for genre-defying R&B artists. I've personally connected with all of these extremely talented artists, and am really excited for us to come together [...] as a new movement for music.

  • Ylvis 'Massachusetts' Video Parody Tourism Talk Show

    Ylvis Troll America With Love in 'Massachusetts' Video

    Ylvis' viral hit "The Fox" may unintentionally parodize the sorta-genre known as EDM, as one of its producers told SPIN, but the lyrical concept is comedic gold — after all, 120,000,000 Ylvis Fans Can't Be Wrong (closer to 150M now, by the way). And as we know, Norwegian siblings at the center of the song host a variety show in their native country, so it was only a matter of time before Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker capitalized on their newfound fame here in the land that put capitalism on the map.Above you'll find "Massachusetts," a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the history-rich northeastern state and, as it turns out, Ylvis' "favorite place on earth." What do they like so much about the Bay State, you ask? Well, blue jeans and flannels, for one. Also, the Boy Scouts of Attleboro, the Staring Dogs of Suffolk County, Nelson Mandela's home, and that one guy named Bruce.

  • Kanye West Yeezus Jesus Christ Christian Illuminati Drake Interview

    Kanye West Is on a Major Christ Kick

    The opening night of Kanye West's Yeezus tour featured a highly unexpected cameo: Jesus Christ. Or, at least, a dude dressed as "White Jesus," as SPIN reviewer Douglas Wolk wrote. Like most things Yeezy does — I.E. rent an entire baseball stadium in order to propose to Kim Kardashian — the move quickly proved to be a conversation-starter. What's odd about this one is how ready and willing he was to personally join said conversation.In back-to-back interviews with San Francisco Bay Area rap radio stations KMEL and Wild 94.9, West calmly and cooly explained the presence of (the likeness of) Jesus at his shows, and it basically amounts to this: Do you know what's awesome about Christianity? The clips shared from the two chats are chock-full of references to the G.O.O.D.

  • Elliott Smith Live Archive Concert Download Free Henry Fonda

    Here Are 97 Elliott Smith Concerts You Can Download

    Monday marked the 10-year anniversary of the death of Elliott Smith — October 21, 2003 —and a handful of artists came together last night to pay tribute to the man and his musical legacy. The breadth of musicians assembled for the performance speaks volumes to the man's influence: Cat Power's Chan Marshall, Sky Ferreira and DIIV's Zachary Cole, and members of WHY? and Here We Go Magic all chose Smith songs to perform to varying degrees of success.But for those intrepid souls willing to brave the heart-crushing beauty that was an actual Elliott Smith performance, has 97 different full concerts for you to stream and download at your leisure. They range from an intimate 1994 Portland gig to an appearance England's Redfest on September 19, 2003.

  • Angel Haze 'Same Love' Freestyle Cover Macklemore Coming Out

    Angel Haze Reveals Sexuality Struggle on 'Same Love' Remake

    It's been a minute (three business days) since we checked in with Angel Haze and her ongoing #30GOLD rap covers/freestyle series, but her latest entry is a significant one. While the New York rhymer's revisions of Kanye West's "Black Skinhead" and Jay-Z's "Tom Ford" found her simply flexing over those familiar beats, she's now remade Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Same Love," a lyrical plea for understanding and equal rights where LGBTQ people are concerned.Haze uses the opportunity to tell her story as a young teenager facing challenges at home due to her sexuality. "Hi mom," she begins.

  • Chromeo 'Sexy Socialite' Stream White Women

    Chromeo Deliver Full-Tilt Electro-Cheese Excellence on 'Sexy Socialite'

    "We've been doing this since 2004," Chromeo's Dave 1 told SPIN last year of the duo's forthcoming fourth album, White Women. "It's like we built the house, then we renovated the house, and now, with the new record, we're going to have people over for dinner." Indeed, there's something about new song "Sexy Socialite" that suggests the electro-funk goofballs have hit their stride.The raw disco bass-line and nightlife-skewering lyrics suggest LCD Soundsystem (that's Pat Mahoney on drums), the soaring melodies and awkward come-ons bring Phoenix to mind, and the hyped-up groove and ridiculous synths channel a certain pajama-jamming Purple One. Chromeo spend most of the song trying to convince the titular lady to come down to earth, but she does get a chance to respond ... before P-Thugg delivers a ripping talk box solo.

  • Widowspeak 'The Swamps' EP Stream

    Stream Widowspeak's Backwoods-Brooding 'The Swamps' EP

    Widowspeak cap off a strong 2013 with their brand new EP, The Swamps. The SPIN interview subjects started the year with Almanac, a sophomore album that found the Brooklyn-va-Tacoma duo exploring darker and dreamier fare. Below, you'll find their six-song Capture Tracks follow-up streaming in full. We've already heard the prairie-crawling "Calico" and filmed Widowspeak doing the near-titular number in the woods. Now we've got "Theme From the Swamps," a backwoods jam that plays like a minimal take on Brian Deck's shambly Modest Mouse meddling; "Smoke and Mirrors," full of Robert Earl Thomas' resonant guitar strum, hand-hit drums, and sweetly silken vocals courtesy of Molly Hamilton; the cheery "Brass Bed"; and the alternately brooding and drifting "True Believer." The short-player hits shelves on October 29. Until then, hit play and hang around:

  • Lady Gaga Assistant Lawsuit Settled Jennifer Oneill

    Lady Gaga and Ex-Assistant Settle Labor Lawsuit Out of Court

    Lady Gaga and her former assistant Jennifer O'Neill have settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. The ARTPOP star's ex-employee originally alleged that she was owed $393,000, plus damages, for 7,168 hours of unpaid overtime. Their trial was scheduled to begin on November 4, but Judge Paul Gardephe filed an order of dismissal on Monday, October 21.In September, a number of details emerged that weren't particularly flattering for either side. O'Neill claimed that the woman born Stefani Germonotta kept her on call at all hours, even when the artist was on vacation. "We were never really on vacation," she testified.

  • Besnard Lakes 'Colour Yr Lights In' NSFW Video

    Besnard Lakes Score a Madman's Night Out in NSFW 'Colour Yr Lights In' Video

    Orchestrally inclined Montreal outfit the Besnard Lakes have released a stunning new video for "Colour Yr Lights In," from their April album Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO. Seen above, the Sanchez Brothers-directed clip stars French-Canadian actor Martin Dubreuil as a man whose reality appears to be constantly crumbling around him. As the wintry, harmonically rich song opens, we see our star lying in bed, smoking a cigarette while he laughs maniacally or beats about his head with his own hands. As night falls, he hits the town, yelling at invisible demons, drinking at a bar, playing with a discarded bicycle wheel, and even soliciting a prostitute or two. The video is NSFW thanks to that last part, but the images aren't overly explicit. Those massive space-rock guitars, however...

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