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Andre 3000 Wants Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Him in a Movie

Andre 3000 plays Jimi Hendrix in a new biopic of the singer called Jimi: All Is By My Side. At last night's screening of the movie at…
Brennan Carley / September 23, 2014

Watch ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ Dance Like a Goof at Coachella

Whether they're getting paid to be there or not, lots of celebrities take in the sights and sounds at Coachella every year. And sometimes those…
Dan Reilly / April 14, 2014

Help Us Beg Leonardo DiCaprio to Sing With Meshuggah at Bonnaroo

First, hit play on the clip above if you haven't yet had the pleasure of watching Leonardo DiCaprio, as the titular Wolf of Wall Street,…
Chris Martins / February 21, 2014

Movie Review: ‘Shutter Island’

Four years after The Departed, Martin Scorsese returns to Massachusetts -- and to his favorite leading man. Here, it's 1954, and the director ferries DiCaprio…
Troy Patterson / February 18, 2010