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The 25 Best Rap Lines of 2012

It doesnt take a Rap Genius to know that 2012 was a great year for analyzing hip-hop. Here's our favorite individual lyrics from a year…
SPIN Staff / December 27, 2012

SPIN’s 2012 Hall of Shame

They made disappinting, often horrific art. They issued tone-deaf statements. They tattooed images of their battered ex-girlfriends on their necks. A look back at the…
Daniel Kreps / December 27, 2012

The Year in Wayne Coyne

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has entertained us plenty over the years, crafting neo-psych narratives in the form of classic albums (see The Soft Bulletin…
Chris Martins / December 27, 2012

10 TV Moments That Totally Changed Everything in 2012

Now that the second decade of the Golden Age of television is solidly underway, everything's different, right? It's like ever since Tony Soprano started seeing…
Phoebe Reilly / December 21, 2012

SPIN’s 10 Most Memorable Movie Characters of 2012

Slurring supervillains, drunken sailors, singing gamines, not-so-gentle Southern men: these were the characters who, after all had been said and screened, left the biggest impact…
David Fear / December 21, 2012

Style in 2012: The Year Memes Hit the Streets

Style's been trending webward for a decade now, but 2012 was the year the memes really hit the streets. Tumblr reblogs and Pinterest boards actually…
Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / December 18, 2012

The Year in NSFW: 2012’s 25 Most Nude and Ew Musical Moments

Last year SPIN picked an album by a band with an R-rated name as our No. 1 LP of the year, but the the world…
SPIN Staff / December 14, 2012

SPIN’s 10 Best Reissues of 2012

If you saw our favorite records of the year, then you'd know our 2012 saw lots of watery techno, mystical metal, Afro-pop genre hybrids, and…
SPIN Staff / December 14, 2012

SPIN’s 20 Best Metal Albums of 2012

Metal in 2012 saved its most potent anger for gnashing and clawing at its own boundaries. Witchy bands (Royal Thunder, Christian Mistress) stirred up a…
SPIN Staff / December 12, 2012

SPIN’s 30 Best Live Photos of 2012

The most electric photos from 2012's live shows weren't taken on your Instagram. SPIN's crack team of photogs caught everything from some Cage rage, to…
Ken Bachor / December 10, 2012

The 25 Most Outrageous, Memorable, and Obnoxious Quotes of 2012

Egotistical rants! Epically long open letters! Dancing penises! SPIN looks back at the one-liners (and in some cases, mouthfuls) that defined the past 12 months.
SPIN Staff / December 7, 2012

SPIN’s 50 Best Albums of 2012

In 2012, R&B crooned underwater, metal went not-metal, and hip-hop fell into a K-hole, and these were just a few of the ways to make…
SPIN Staff / December 3, 2012

Endless Bummer: 30 Ways 2011 Was a Drag

Record sales tanked, the White Stripes split up, talented musical heroes lost their lives, and Flavor Flav lost his chicken joint. SPIN looks back at…
Ken Bachor / December 14, 2011

The 40 Best Albums of 2009

The 40 best albums of 2009, ranked by the SPIN editors. [This list was originally published in the January 2010 issue of SPIN.]…
SPIN Staff / December 31, 2009

The 40 Best Albums of 2008

Change! Crisis! Hope! Meltdown! You betcha! The past 366 days (happy belated leap year!) have been such a roller-coaster ride of apocalyptic dread and yes-we-can…
SPIN Staff / December 31, 2008
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