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Stephen Colbert Bids Adieu to ‘Report’ With Jeff Tweedy, Michael Stipe and More

Well, it's over. Stephen Colbert did the final episode of The Colbert Report last night, but rest assured, "We'll Meet Again." Ending the show with a…
Rachel Brodsky / December 19, 2014

Michael Stipe Goes for a Quarter at ‘Colbert’ Clearout Yard Sale

It's been a long three years of sitting on Stephen Colbert's shelf, but former R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe has finally found himself a new home.
Andrew Unterberger / December 18, 2014

The National Dust Off ‘Silver Bells’ With Gregg Allman on ‘Colbert’

The Colbert Report is celebrating the holidays with "Christmas Carol Week," a week-long series that pairs host Stephen Colbert with various musical guests for collaborative…
Kyle McGovern / December 17, 2013

If Viacom’s Daft Punk’ing Was a Stunt, the Big Winner Is Stephen Colbert

Here's a crucial part of Stephen Colbert's appeal: The sometimes far-fetched statements his faux-pundit character makes tend to be rooted in emotional truths. In his…
Marc Hogan / August 10, 2013

Paul McCartney to Embark on a(n Hour-)Long and Winding ‘Colbert Report’ Episode

Paul McCartney will turn 71 years young on June 18, but he hasn't gotten any less active in his old age. Just a few weeks…
Jordan Sargent / June 5, 2013

Stephen Colbert Ribs Jack White on ‘Colbert Report’

It's rare for Jack White to sit down for a television interview, but the White Stripes frontman is willing to make a concession when Stephen…
Kevin O'Donnell / June 22, 2011