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Michael Stipe Goes for a Quarter at ‘Colbert’ Clearout Yard Sale

Michael Stipe, The Colbert Report

It’s been a long three years of sitting on Stephen Colbert’s shelf, but former R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe has finally found himself a new home. The alt-rock icon has been gathering dust among Colbert’s personal effects since his band broke up three years ago, but in a segment from last night’s Colbert Report — the second-to-last before its eponymous host moves to David Letterman’s Late Night seat — Stipe was included among countless other relics (an Afghandyland board game, a pack of Vasca-ginia Slims) from the show’s ten-season run in a yard sale.

Athens’ finest was eventually marked down to a quarter and presumably sold — he’s off the sales rack at the segment’s end, though his eventual purchaser remains anonymous. (Larry Wilmore, maybe?) Watch below, and get your Kleenex ready for the final-ever episode of the Report tonight at 11:30 on Comedy Central.