Spring Breakers

30 Great Movies That Defined the 2010s

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the most culturally significant movie of the 2010s is The Avengers. There were many decades of superhero movies before…
SPIN Staff / September 4, 2019

Spring Breakers TV Series To Help Launch New Streaming Platform

Harmony Korine's 2012 film Spring Breakers will not pass into history as a stand-alone cult anomaly, to be discovered like some odd artifact by future,…
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 21, 2017

Riff Raff Wants to Sue James Franco (or Maybe ‘Spring Breakers’) for $10M

Mightily corn-rowed Houston-bred rap personality Riff Raff claims that he's suing the creators of Spring Breakers to the tune of "8 to 10 million" dollars.
Chris Martins / July 17, 2013

Art Cinema & Big Booties Y’All: 10 Movies That Led to ‘Spring Breakers’

The most shocking thing about Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers – a teen starlet-packed crime movie set to dubstep – is that it is essentially a…
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No Trivia’s Friday Five: Rating Gucci Mane’s ‘Spring Breakers’ Performance, Chief Keef is Free

This the first installment of the new Friday Five, a weekly rundown of five things that made rap music really interesting this week.
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